Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Jesus House Team Visit To Kaduha

Jesus House Team (ReConnect) drove with the Solace Ministries Team to Kaduha on Tuesday the 24th of November 2013.
Kaduha is a very remote part of Rwanda. It is a 3hour tough drive from the capital of Kigali but we were entertained by the Jesus House team with their singing. The singing was especially welcomed by Mama Lambert who had been feeling quite tired prior to the road trip.

In 2011, Jesus House bought pigs, goats and cows for income generating activities in the community. This has and is still having a HUGE impact on the lives of 100 families in the community.

We were warmly welcomed by the community with singing and dancing like you have never seen. It was heart warming to see the improvements in their lives and how they are trying to work their way out of poverty. The Jesus House team were introduced to the community and the team ministered to them.

We spent some time with them with Nere entertaining the kids with bubbles!! The kids had a delightful time with their new aunty Nere!!

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