Saturday, 12 April 2014

Surprise Visit from Aime

I had been trying to find ways to make the 2-3hour trip to Visit Aime. Aime lives in Musanze, in Ruhengeri in the North of Rwanda very close to the Gorillas. To my pleasant surprise, he turns up this afternoon at the Solace Center in Kigali with his delightful mother!! God is good indeed!!!
Aime is 13 years old and currently in his first year of Secondary School. He is a very tall boy and he loves to play basketball, surprise, surprise!!

Visited Claudine, Yacentha & Mediatrice at Kimihurura.

Visited Claudine (she is 13years old and currently in her sixth year of Primary school), she wants to become a doctor), Ycentha (he is 16years old and in his second year of Secondary school. He wants to become a Lawyer) and Mediatrice (she is 17years old and also in her second year of Secondary school. She wants to become a Doctor. They stay with their mum, Clenia, in Kimihurura in Kigali, Rwanda.

Visiting Iragire and Jimmy at Kimironko in Rwanda

Visited Jimmy & Iragire at their home in Kimironko in Kigali, Rwanda. Their mum, Candide, showed me her plot of land which she currently plants beans on and hopes to build a home for herself in the future.

Visiting Pamela at Kimihurura in Rwanda

Visited Pamela at her home in Kimihurura in Kigali, Rwanda.
Pamela is 12years old and currently in her 6th year of Primary school (P6).
She is a member of a choir and sings in church. She came 1st in her class and wants to be doctor.

Catching Up With Fred at Solace Center in Kigali, Rwanda

Catching up with Fred at the Solace Ministries Center in Kigali. Fred is on holidays from school and attended the Center with his Grandmother. He started his first year of Secondary school (S1) in Jan of this year, 2014. He is 13years old. He wants to become an engineer and build planes. So it shall be in Jesus Mighty name! Amen!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Spending Time With Mata and Tonia in Rwanda - Thursday, 3rd of April 2014

Chatting with Nicole and her daughters Mata and Tonia in their home. Tonia wants to become a doctor in the future. Mata is a budding entrepreneur!! She is rearing rabbits for sale. Go on girl!!

Visiting Mata and Tonia at their home

Arriving at Nicole Umurungi's home at Nyacyonga in Gasabo district to visit her daughters Tonia and Mata who are sponsored by Solace Ministries UK.