Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Visit to Ivuka Arts Center in Kigali - Saturday, 13th of July 2013

Visit to the Ivuka Arts Center in Kigali, Rwanda. There are talented artists there and they also train budding artists. There were lots of great paintings and art work on show.

My niece also took a 3 hour class to learn from the artist.

The proprietor of the centre, Charles, was very friendly and accommodating.

Hopefully the world will soon discover the great art work coming out of Rwanda!!

Visit to Building Project for Widows at Nyamata - Thursday 11th of July 2013

We went to Ntarama in Nyamata to see the foundation that has been laid for the Malpasso Building Project which aims to build duplex homes or widows. The initiative is meant to build homes for less privileged widows chosen by the community.

Below is the proposed site for the next duplex home that will be built.

Nyamata is about 70mins drive from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Video - Arriving at Kimisagara, Kigali - Wednesday, 10th of July 2012

Inema Arts Center, Kigali - Wednesday, 10th of July 2013

 We visited Inema Arts Centre which is just next to the Solace Ministries Guest House in Kigali. The centre exhibits terrific art done by local Rwandan artists. We enjoyed chatting with them and also learning a bit of art from them.

Visit to Kimisagara in Kigali on Wednesday the 10th of July 2013

 We visited KAMIKAZI Divine and KIRENGA Christian in their homes in Kimisagara which is a sector within Kigali.

Their living conditions were in a very terrible state with them sleeping on uneven concrete floors.
The sector itself is in a poor state and congested.

We spent some time with each family discussing their situation, their living conditions, the progress of the children in school and most importantly, how we could help alleviate their situation.

Video Recording of Trip to Jali, Rwanda on Tuesday the 9th of July 2013

Visit to Jali in Rwanda to see sponsored children on Tuesday the 9th of July 2013

 We travelled to the district of Jali which is about 70mins drive from the capital, Kigali. We visited IGABE Fridaus, SANO NGABO Bright and NSHIMIYIMANA Olivier who are been sponsored by the Ifeyinwa Irukwu Trust Fund via Solace Ministries UK.

Rwanda is called the 'Land of a Thousand Hills' and you certainly feel it when driving uphill along long and winding roads!!

The children are doing well in school and their mothers cope financially on a day to day basis from petty trading.

We have a good time with them in their homes and shared gifts and sweets with the children.

Arrived in Kigali, Rwanda on Sunday the 7th of July 2013

 My niece and I arrived into Kigali airport at 4:45pm local time. It was my niece first time in Rwanda!! Jean-Luc (seen in the picture) picked us up at the airport and took us to the Guest House at Solace Ministries. Solace Ministries headquarters is situated in Kacyiru in Kigali.

We were settled into our rooms and I gave my niece a grand tour of the premises.